Energy concepts

Energy concepts

Our innovative energy concepts are based on our long-standing knowledge about solar architecture and environmentally friendly technologies for heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings and on the rules of sustainable construction. We look for the synergies on in your design that allow you a very economical, efficient and environmentally friendly use of energy. Often, our energy concepts lead to the fact that the necessary building services engineering is skimmed down. This also leads to lower investment and operating costs.

We develop our energy concepts in respectful interaction with architects and professional planners so that your building design is enriched, however, is not fundamentally changed. In cooperation with the architect, we can optimise facades and floor plans jointly, so that solar yields, daylight or also natural shading are being utilised. Every property offers resources for a natural energy supply. We will find the best possible strategy for every location for you. Our energy concepts for plus energy buildings, passive houses and renowned large-scale projects have often proved to be very successful in practice.


  • Analysis of the location, the microclimate and the future tasks of the building
  • Optimisation of the facade and the building structure
  • Studies on solar exposure of buildings
  • Optimisation of the heat supply and cooling supply
  • Computation of energy balances
  • Exploitation of daylight and solar yields through avoidance of overheating
  • Determination of suitable areas for photovoltaic systems or solar power systems

References (selection)

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