Developing sustainable buildings is teamwork that requires intensive interdisciplinary cooperation. Before this background, we see ourselves as your partner in a process at the end of which there is an energy-optimised, sustainable building. We contribute our comprehensive specialist knowledge to this process with pleasure, as well as our long-standing engineering expertise and, last but not least, our enthusiasm for intelligent sustainable buildings.

Claus Faruß. Graduate Engineer

1992 Degree at the RWTH Aachen (Mechanical Engineering)

1994 to 2006 Activities in various engineering firms with a focus on simulation

2006 joined Ingenieurbüro IPJ, there since 2008, authorized signatory and managing director since 2009

Since 2010 DGNB-Auditor

Since 2017 Branch manager, Hamburg

Dr. Peter Holzer. Graduate Engineer

1994 Degree at the Vienna University of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)

1994-1996 Research activities in the field of building energy systems and biomass combustion

Since 1996 research associate at the Department of Building and Environment at Danube University Krems, head of department there from 2008 to 2012

Since 2009 PHI- Certified Passive House Consultant

2009 Doctorate at the Technical University of Vienna (Architecture & Buildings)

Since 2011 Managing Director of the Vienna branch of the Ingenieurbüro IPJ

Since 2012 Shareholder of the Institute of Building Research & Innovation, Vienna